InLac is proud to present QUESOS DE ESPAÑA brand, an emblem that encapsulates the rich cheese-making tradition of our country. With over 150 protagonists, 27 Designations of Origin, and 4 Protected Geographical Indications, the story of Spanish cheeses is a captivating narrative that unfolds in a variety of stunning settings. From cool, humid caves in southern Europe to islands bathed by the Mediterranean, and across vast lands protected by majestic castles and noble knights errant, the landscape becomes another character. This natural diversity and unique biodiversity intertwine harmoniously, creating an inspiring and thrilling story that encompasses centuries of tradition and passion for cheese craftsmanship.

Join the exciting #Cheestories international campaign by Quesos de España and embark on a unique journey filled with discoveries. Dive into a road movie that will take you to explore the entire history, culture, and tradition behind Spanish cheeses. Dare to unravel the best-kept secrets of these exquisite delicacies and let yourself be seduced by the fascinating world of cheeses from Spain.